Edward Mordrake Movie Poster

Edward Mordrake Movie Poster

by Mark Christensen

Edward Mordrake a turn of the century composer of rear ability, who had everything a Victorian lord could
want. Property, riches talent and admiration hides a dark secret. He was born with an evil twin conjoined to him, a second face on the back of his head that he
hides with a hat.

the evil twin that he calls Demon-Face speaks to Edward in the middle of the night of the evils of Hell.

In on his secret, is his loyal butler Samuel who tries to protect him also a sympathetic Doctor Treadwell that is looking for a way to remove Edwards Demon-face so he can sleep and live a normal life.

Meanwhile, his music (quite skitsofrantic a little punk rock) and his fame as composer is exploding at the London Opera,
He meets a beautiful cellist Shelly, who helps him discover love.

But London is in an uproar over the random murders occur after each show, and
his eccentric behavior make Mordrake a target for Scotland Yard and
Inspector Trevor.

they incarcerate Edward after a concert witch no murder accursed after words making him out to be the killer or his Demon-Face that is, taking him over in the night to do such hainis crimes.

After his conviction and scheduled hanging Edward’s makes a deal with his Demon-Face that helps him escape and are confronted on the streets from fans after a boring Dunmiester show.

The crowd invites Edward to come and compose till Dunmiester pulls out a knife and stabs a town folk immediately yelling “The killer has struck again”, They all hall Edward off to a balcony where they attempt to hang him but is saved by Samuel and taken back to Edwards castle

The town folk services telling all the true culprit in the murders is and when they try to go tell Edward this he has already said his good buy to Shelly and incurs poison resulting in his suicide with a note stating. “Please, I beg and beseech you to crush it out of human semblance, after I die before and before it kills again”